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The History of Saint John Missionary Baptist Church


(Abbreviated History)

In 1883 our legacy begins; Saint John becomes reality. Our Founding organizers of Saint John were: Brother Elbert Smith, Brother Green Young, Brother John Garrett, Brother McAfee and others. Brother Smith, Young and Garrett became the first Deacons. A Brush Harbor was built in 1883 and served as the place of worship dedicated to the glory of God until an edifice (church) could be constructed.

In 1916; the son of one of the founders who was a Carpenter, The Late Reverend Tobe Young, erected a new structure. A plot of land adjoining the church was purchased and in 1972 we dedicated our present Sanctuary under the pastorate of Reverend Ira Glasco Weldon. In the summer of 2004 we dedicated our Multipurpose Christian Ministry Center under the pastorate of Reverend S. John Bartley.

Our present pastor, Reverend Dr. Jefferson M. Davis who came in May of 2009 is responsible for more renovation work to the Church and to the Multipurpose Christian Ministry Center. With Reverend Davis at the helm, along with his wife First Lady Carol A. Davis and the Men and Women of Saint John extensive work has been done to grounds inside and outside of both Buildings.

We thank God for all the great Pastors who have given spiritual leadership throughout the years, among them are: Reverend Belcher; Reverend Goodson; Reverend J. Mead; Reverend M.J. Tilly; Reverend K.J. Johnson; Reverend J. Gates; Reverend W.E. Newman; Reverend Andrew Bell; Reverend B.R. Matthews; Reverend T.A. Davis; Reverend I.G. Weldon; Reverend R.L. Glover; Reverend Joseph McKenzie; Reverend S. John Bartley; Reverend George P. Windley, Jr. a son of Saint John was elected as pastor in November of 2008; but through guidance from the Lord, he decided to return to his home state of South Carolina to pastor there. Presently, Reverend Dr. Jefferson M. Davis serves as our 15th Pastor.

WE THANK GOD for Reverend Davis and we know that God sent him here for a purpose, and we believe under his leadership God will Keep The Kingdom Moving Forward in this 21st century for Saint John and it's Members. We look forward to another 128 years while we're here, and for the future of the younger generation in Saint John Missionary Baptist Church.

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