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Saint John Missionary Baptist Church Ministries

Ministerial Staff- to assist the Pastor in any capacity of worship that he directs.

Board of Deacons - assist the Pastor in whatever capacity that he needs them,Visiting the sick and Baptism, Communion, and etc..

Deaconess - are to support their husbands, prepare Communion, and prepare for Baptism, work with the Mother Board, and etc..

Finance - oversees all budgeting , and member stewardship to insure the stability of the church.

Board of Trustees - is a group that oversees the Churches grounds and all Property.

Caring Hearts - keep track of those who are sick in the church, and sends them greeting of cheer.

Choirs/Male Chorus - are to uplift the Worship Service through song and praise.

D.I.V.A.S - Dedicated, Intelligent, Victorious, Angels, that are Saved (they assist the Nurses).

Hospitality - Our desire is to greet our members and Visitors with a warm fellowship of love, and excitement.

Missionaries - Visit the sick and shut-in, visit the nursing homes, and they also work with the Deacons, Deaconess, and Mothers.

Mother Board - The purpose of the Mother Board is to bring wisdom to the church, pray for the church, the Pastor, and help bring unity. They are also to be an example to the younger Women in the Church.

New Members - is designed for the teaching and preparation of the rules of the Church.

Nurses - to aid the Pastor and to assist the Congregation if a illness occurs.(WITHOUT MEDICINE)

Spirtual Dancers - Invite the spirit of God into the morning worship service through Dance.

Ushers- Welcomes, Greet, and direct all members and visitors with bulletins as they enter the doors of the church.

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